Grooming Policy

Pick Up Procedure

Due to our busy schedule, please ensure you return to collect your dog within 30 minutes of notification.

Unless previously arranged, an additional fee of $15 per 30minutes (or part thereof) will be charged upon pick up.

Rescheduling & Cancellations:

If less than 48 hours’ notice is provided to reschedule or cancel an appointment, 50% of the service booked must be paid before another appointment can be made.

Matting Policy

If we find your pet to be matted once we have started grooming, we will contact you to discuss an appropriate course of action.

We will NOT de-mat (comb out) a coat that has extreme matting. Excessive de-matting is a painful and time-consuming procedure that causes extreme discomfort and can aggravate (or cause) skin problems.

The removal of a heavily matted coat requires precision and use of sharp equipment directly against the skin. While utmost care is taken, this process occasionally results in nicks, cuts and/or abrasions. BB’s will not be liable for injury caused during the removal of matting from your dog.

No Shows

If we are unable to contact you within 15 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled in order for the following scheduled appointments to stay on time.

A fee of 100% of the missed service must be paid prior to another appointment being made.