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“Our training program is so simple that even the youngest members of the family can learn!”

Puppy School

5 wk. course – 60 min each week.

Puppy School

5 wk. course – 60 min each week.


BB’s provides a safe environment where your puppy will thrive under the skilled guidance of our friendly and professional training team. Our Puppy School is based on using a force free, positive reward-based training method which teaches important life skills to set your dog up for a healthy and happy life!


A supportive class environment so you can learn hands on and grow with other families and their dogs.

Real Learning

Extensive Homework notes and ongoing assistance.
Guidance with appropriate training tools
Basic manners training including focus, sit, recall exercises, down/drop
Toilet training, socialization & nutrition information

Positive Environment

Game based, positive reinforcement, force free training.


Assistance during classes with experience handlers and trainers


Access to our private BB’s Family Facebook group where you receive lifetime support in a caring & educating environment.


  • How to develop a strong bond with your puppy through effective communication.
  • Develop solid foundations for basic obedience skills.
  • Basic first aid including general health checks, feeding & grooming skills.
  • The importance of safe, controlled socialization.
  • Ways to help curb any behavioral problems.
  • Guided socialization with other puppies.
  • Access to our Friday morning daycare ‘Puppy Social Club’.

How Long Does The Training Last?

Our training sessions run for an hour, with 40 minutes of focused training and 20 minutes allocated for discussion.

Can I Choose What You Teach My Dog?

Of course, we are happy to tailor our training to suit our clients needs. We also offer one-on-one training consults to help you overcome any specific problems you may be having with your dog.

When Should I Start Training My Dog?

As soon as your puppy comes home! They are never too young or old to learn! 

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Training your dog will strengthen your bond with your dog. This will help your dog fit into your lifestyle to become and remain a happy member of your family.

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