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About BB’s Doggy Daycare

About BB's Doggy Daycare

About Our Facility & Team

BB’s is an experienced and trusted dog care facility located in Grovedale, Geelong. Our mission is to provide a safe, loving and enjoyable environment for pooches of all shapes and sizes.

At BB’s, we believe that every dog deserves quality care. We understand the importance of your canine companion’s well-being, which is why we employ only the best staff and dog trainers who have years of experience in the industry. Our team takes pride in providing a secure and happy atmosphere where your pup can interact with other dogs playfully while receiving proper training, stimulation and care.

The daycare centre features spacious indoor areas designed for fun and relaxation as well as a fully enclosed outdoor area that is safe for all four-legged guests. All areas are kept clean throughout the day by our staff to ensure health standards are maintained at all times.

In addition to doggy daycare, we also offer a range of puppy classes including obedience lessons, behavioural consultations and more. These classes are conducted by professional trainers dedicated to helping you gain better control over your beloved pooch as well as teaching them new tricks or helping them become better socialised with other dogs and people around them.

Our team has been developed from a love for animals combined with expertise in animal welfare & behaviour modification techniques; providing you with the best quality service possible from a qualified team of professionals who understand the needs of your furry friend inside out!

We go above & beyond for each pet parent making sure their needs & wants are met without compromising on safety or quality standards – because here at BB’s Doggy Daycare we believe that every pup deserves nothing but the best!